The Collective Picture

Vintage Photography Redefined

This new section will be dedicated to my work with photoshop to edit, alter and reform found images. Feel free to comment or make  suggestions.

This image was originally created as a header for this site. Although not being used as a header I still enjoy the this photograph and the interplay between the three images that it is created from.

blogheader Creative Expressionsuncategorized

My first entry is about the World Fair in Chicago in 1893. I have recently done a post discussing this event (, through all the images that I found I could not get my hands on one that showed the glow of the White City at night with all the main buildings. I guess my imagination had expanded what this scene would look like far beyond what photography of the late 1800’s could capture. This image is a compilation of  5 photographs edited together to bring to life my vision of the White City (see the following links to view the original images and sources).,,

1893 chicago night scene Creative Expressionsuncategorized

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