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Humanity has always been intrigued by the strange and exotic, a trip into Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ showcases this fascination with the unexplored ‘savage’ lands that fueled the colonial era. Exhibits displaying individuals from indigenous cultures, such as the ‘Negro Village’ at the 1878 Paris World fair, highlights this history of gawking at the […]

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While researching and collecting images for my post on Presidential families ( I stumbled across an interesting trend, the amount of photos documenting White House life that showed pets. Considering the focus given to the current first dog Bo it did not seem fair to let these four-legged pals go over looked. Over the years […]

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x-ray department

Microscopic Monotony

The daily grind, those activities that plague us with monotony, we have all felt it weighing us down as we are taxed by the sameness of it all. The routines we so easily fall into, that modern life often necessities we fall into. The world functions on ordered scripts and prefixed agendas. We slot ourselves […]

Coming Down the Chimney Tonight

As the tunes of wintry nights and romantic gift giving blare from every mall and radio station it is undeniable that the holiday season is here. Living in a country full of religious and ethnic diversity this season can mean many different things. But my version of this time of year is the mistletoe, fruit […]

participant Tuskegee syphilis experiment

Smiling doctors, inoculated with infecting patients

With a soar arm and flu like symptoms I feel somewhat lucky for having survived my latest encounter with the field of medicine. With a trip to Egypt planned and my nagging rationalization that contracting an incurable blood disorder would somehow ruin the adventure I plunged deep into the world of a Travel Health Clinic. Offering […]

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