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With the American elections behind us months of campaign trail coverage has been replaced by a fixation on something else, a White House dynasty in the making. The Obama craze that swept the U.S quickly spilled over international borders, leaching heavily into the soil of my own country, Canada. This marks a massive shift in […]

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I couldn’t decide what to title this post or even how to focus my efforts. On the one hand I am approaching this topic from an Anthropological perspective, which means I could go on for days about the ethical dilemmas that are at the core of this industry. On the other hand I wanted this […]

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My significant other (being a computer technician) often has lots to say about current technologies, the progress that has been made and potential directions for future developments. The telephone is one common theme in these discussions because it has progressed so much in the past few years. Personally I was late to the cell phone […]

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What marks summer more perfectly then a festival? Maybe sunny days and a bit of time at the beach, but festivals are right up there too. My moments at outdoor venues have defined various time periods in my life as I have cataloged my memories of summers by the festivals or concerts that I frequented. […]

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Spirit photography emerged out of the belief in a connection between this life and the next and the idea that some people can  bridge the gap between these states of existence. In the 1860’s William H. Mumler, a jewel engraver and armature photographer, claimed to have found images of ghosts in some of his photos. […]

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Another day has arrived that is noted on calendars and announced to us daily in advertisements. What to do with this day, how best to celebrate, to acknowledge, to pay tribute to those maternal figures in our lives. Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis is who inspired its inception, so it seems only fitting to look at […]

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The swine flu or H1N1 virus has quickly become a global health crisis, as of 6 May 2009, 22 countries have officially reported 1516 cases. With this type of profound impact the media outlets have swarmed our lives with this disease, spreading fear that some would argue is disproportionate to the threat. There are many other illnesses […]

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In the mid to late 1800’s photographic technology progressed to became increasingly versatile. Photographers were able to capture images in diverse settings as it became possible to leave the portrait studio and document real life. I have collected some photographs of families taken between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. These photographs offer a very […]

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