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The grey skies that plague Vancouver British Columbia all winter have finally let up. This dramatically changes the feel of this city. Suddenly the thick clouds lift and the sun shines, making its beaches inhabitable and reassuring residents that the mountains still can be viewed from Vancouver, even if their presence has been absent for […]

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I was researching costumes in the early 1900s when I stumbled on a remarkable find. Although I had originally wanted to post about costumes in general, the astounding nature of these images made me realize that there was no way to present them appropriately unless I devoted an entire post to them. So all of […]

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For me the most enjoyable post so far has been the one documenting Victorian images, this collection interested me so much because of the history of photography that the pictures told. In many of the national archives there exists images that show another important development in photography, the panoramic image. I have collected photographs of […]

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Today is earth day, so in memory I shall pause from my usually photo collections and instead turn to look at environmentalism. I have found some photos, mostly from the 1970’s where this movement largely took root. Also you will find a photo from the Apollo mission and a picture of tree planting from 1939 […]

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So far in this blog I have paid tribute to a variety of subjects, using images to discuss history and society. These posts have used photographs as the jumping off point to look at the world, past and present. I would like to focus today on the process that makes this perception of our surroundings […]

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Since moving to Vancouver several years ago I have become extremely intrigued by the city’s past. Seeking out what old buildings and remnants of its history that still exist I attempted to gain insight into this city. When I first moved to British Columbia I found Gastown particularly interesting, a feeling only slightly dampened by […]

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Given the significance computers play in our lives today it seems a shame to not spend time looking at the archival records that display its origins.  To think that the foundations of my sleek little laptop came from such colossal machines is mind boggling. I remember having a conversation with a women who had worked in data entry […]

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General view of medical ward of the 2nd Evac. Hospital, Diddington England 06/03/1943.  Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at College Park. Transporting wounded on Iwo Jima. Wounded Marine being evacuated from the front lines 03/1945 Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S), National Archives at […]

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How we depict the world around us acts like a bookmark of a cultural moment. A snap shot of a time and place and how perceptions were formed. A wonderful example of this can be found in propaganda posters. Military action has always involved a degree of selling the national sacrifices of war to the […]

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There is a tone of archival images out there, stocked away in library basements. Luckily with the digitization of photos becoming more common libraries and government organizations are taking it upon themselves to make digital archives of these pictures.  This is just a few images that I found of the military personal involved in WWII. […]

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